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  About In Mould Label, Heat Transfer Label & Self-adhesive Label  

Prime label
(with option of combination printing)

Mega main business will be the manufacturing of self-adhesive or pressure sensitive labels. We have the right technology, people and machines to cater for the different market requirement. We have one of the best DTP system in the market and the ability to print on multiple kind substrates, whether it being with or without liner. Some of the printing technologies that we can offer are Letterpress, Flexography, Silk Screen and Digital printing.

Furthermore, we can also provide decorative value added features in-house such as hot stamping, spot varnish, silk screen printing and glue killer (this is a special process to neutralize the adhesive area). On top of that, we have the capability to do both type of finishing, varnish coated or laminated.

Most of our printed labels are being check through our inspection system, which compares the printed label with the original customer approved file. The finished product can be supplied either in roll or sheet form format, based on customer application method.

Heat transfer label
Heat transfer label uses a special material that reacts with heat during application onto the main product substrate. This is printed by using silk screen method to ensure opacity and strong color after application. This type of label is extremely popular in the garment manufacturing industry or plastic products.

Customer can enjoy multiple colors printing as well for this type of labeling. There is no liner to hold the face stock as the material normally comes without adhesive.

In Mould Label
Mega has the relevant experience and skill to manufacture In-Mould labels (IML). IML have a heat activated adhesive applied to them that is activated during the application process. It is a labeling technique that is used in blow moulded, injection moulded and thermoformed containers. In-mould labeling is a pre-decoration technique, which is the application of the label before the container is fill with the product.

The label becomes moulded to the container wall. The label appears as part of the container compared to glue applied or pressure sensitive labels that appear above the surface of the container. In-mould labels are constructed of paper or film material, which must be able to tolerate the heat from the moulding process. In-mould labeling eliminates the need for a separate labeling process, which saves the cost of additional labeling equipment and the additional labor to run it.

The label material can be printed using several different printing processes, such as flexography, silk screen and hot stamping.

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