With the recent rise of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses have been badly affected. Human interactions have been minimized to prevent the rise of the virus. However, we’re pleased to announce that Mega Label will operate as normal under our Business Continuity Plans for COVID-19. We’ve introduced numerous rules and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, business partners, and the wide community that surrounds us.

Our Business Continuity Plans for COVID-19 aim to produce a clearly defined command and control structure that minimizes confusion and misinterpretation, acknowledge employees about certain measures to promote their health and safety, as well as deliver information to suppliers and customers timely for the purpose of providing the highest quality customer service.

Guiding Policy

The health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers are alway our top priority. For this purpose, work from home policy would be instructed to the employees in case of an elevated level of threat. To avoid inconvenience, we will be providing all necessary equipment and devices essential for working from remote locations.

Employees would be allocated to multiple teams with unique working schedules to reduce risks of infection between teams. Mega Label also intends to refrain the travelling of employees to high threat regions. In case of travelling, the employees must be cleared by a physician and local HR before returning to work at Mega Label office and facility.

Consistent and effective employee communication will be promoted via email, social communication platforms, and direct. Employees will be made aware of symptoms of communicable diseases as well as prevention measures, changes in work schedules, and other situation and status updates.

Prevention Measures

In our best efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re introduced numerous prevention measures which are to be properly followed in Mega Label office and facility.

  1. Temperatures of employees and workers are to be recorded on a regular basis. Individuals having temperatures greater than 37.8 ºC will be directed to the isolation room. Masks are offered to the person getting home or travelling to an assessment facility.
  2. Regular and frequent washing of hands is promoted with means of posters and guidance. Hand sanitizers are available at entrance and other relevant places
  3. Respiratory hygiene is also promoted with relevant display posters. Employees are encouraged to wear face masks.
  4. Workplace hygiene is prioritized with regular disinfection. Disinfection sanitation is practiced in factories before shifts.
  5. To minimize travelling, unessential business trips have been banned until further notice. Employees are encouraged to consult national travel advice before planning personal trips. In case of travel, the employee must be cleared by a physician and a local HR prior to showing up at a workplace. Visitors are required to fill out the health declaration form upon arrival to security house.
  6. Social distancing practices are encouraged and employees are advised to keep one meter distance between them at all times while inside the workplace.
  7. Handshake practices are discouraged to prevent physical contact.

Movement Control Order (MCO)

On the announcement of the MCO Period by Muhyiddin Yassin, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mega Label (Malaysia) has activated its Business Continuity Plan and policies. We intend to safely continue business to ensure that our customers receive uninterrupted services. Since Mega Label is exempted from restrictions of the movement order, therefore, we are to strictly follow and act upon the requirements from Ministry of International Trade Industry (MITI). These requirements include essential prevention measures to contain the outbreak situation.