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Airline Label and Sticker Printing

Mega Label is the premier customer-centric sticker printing company for airline labels. We offer the perfect blend of adhesive and face stock to ensure that your airline labels attach tightly on the bags and easily detachable when needed.

The different types of sticker labels that are required for the airline industry include:

  • Baggage labels that are used to specify passenger details, flight information, destination, etc. Our self-adhesive baggage labels are manufactured with high-quality raw materials under the strict direction of experienced professionals to ensure perfect and durable adhesion.
  • Custom labels are extensively used in the airline industry for promotion since it is a very cost-effective method. With hundreds of different label materials, coatings, and adhesive, Mega Label can meet all your needs for the ideal custom label.
  • Handle with care stickers that are used for fragile items. Mega Label is highly proficient in printing different kinds of robust labels for products and packages that require careful handling.

Mega Labels have decades of experience in providing high-quality labels to renowned airlines like AirAsia, make us the ideal choice to provide you sticker labels that will withstand harsh traveling conditions. High or low temperatures, debris, and even moisture will not affect the application of our long-lasting airline labels.

All the label manufacturing processes are carried out using modern sticker printing technologies, for instance, Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer that allows the finest print quality. Mega Label is able to produce airline labels with minimum quality defects. Our High Speed Full Rotary Machine is capable to print 2 sides of non-adhesive label and die-cutting with good quality. It allows end-users a smooth thermal printing process with minimum label jam issues. Our systems, machinery, and infrastructure are according to international standards. Moreover, our labels are printed in a centrally air-conditioned and hygienic environment to guarantee superb label quality.

Mega Label is the sole leading company in Malaysia having a significant history in manufacturing the superlative airline labels. Out cutting-edge technologies and matchless capabilities provide us with supremacy in the label printing industry. Our creative and inventive options for custom airline labels provide our customers with exceptional value, quality, and service. We offer new and cost-effective labeling ideas, solutions, and products to meet all your airline sticker printing needs. When you join hands with Mega Label, you are guaranteed high-quality products, reasonable prices, short manufacturing times, and unparalleled customer service.

Mega Label follows a customer-oriented work approach and is dedicated to furnishing superlative airline sticker labels to our valued customers. Our team of professional and skilled workers will help you customize airline labels and tags to meet your unique needs. Need additional information regarding recent and matchless printing options for your airline labels? Contact us today.


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