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Healthcare Label and Sticker Printing

At Mega Label, we know exactly what will work for your healthcare products.  With our extensive knowledge and years of experience working with leading medical and healthcare companies, we will ensure to deliver sticker labels that you and your customers can trust.

Mega Label is providing premium labels to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for more than 3 decades. We have quickly established our reputation as the foremost label manufacturer and supplier to prominent healthcare industries around the globe like CLEARLAB, CIBA VISION, TESCO, GIANT, and many more. Mega Label has constantly invested in ultramodern printing technologies and adapted sustainable and efficient label manufacturing procedures to ensure the utmost label quality and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to certifying that our healthcare labels are printed in a controlled environment to nullify even 0.001% chances of contamination of any kind. Healthcare and pharmaceutical products require the highest level of control and care throughout the manufacturing process. Therefore, each step in the manufacturing procedure should be carefully planned and monitored to ensure that end customers get the maximum value of their money. Mega Label fully understands our responsibilities as a reputable healthcare sticker printing company. This means that we employ the latest technologies and infrastructure to make sure that the label printing process is enhanced and the quality of the end product is maintained to the highest quality.

At Mega Label, we offer a wide range of healthcare labels that include special features such as specialty inks, holograms, and security attributes that aid in upholding product individuality and hence minimizing the threat of counterfeit. We have one of the best quality checking machines in the market, “Nikka System”, to ensure minimum defects on our labels. Furthermore, we have the capability of printing serial or random numbering for product identification and tracking purposes.

Having years of experience and knowledge at our disposal, Mega Label fully comprehends that healthcare products require label quality that usually differ from general labels. By following the highest standards of label printing, we ensure that our labels are adhesive enough to withstand even harsh conditions. Moreover, we only use high-quality label inks according to pharmaceutical requirements and standards. Because of the quality and durability of our healthcare sticker labels, Mega Label stands as a pioneer in the healthcare labeling industry earning continuous respect and trust from our customers and convincing them to return for every purchase.

We are a brand trusted by well-known healthcare and healthcare industry. We are equipped with all the necessary equipment and only use the finest mirror coat paper and art paper to ensure unmatched label quality. Moreover, our healthcare labels are designed to withstand both low and high temperatures. Hence, they are not affected by direct sunlight or refrigerated storage.

We offer the following types of pharmaceutical and healthcare labels:

  • Simple dispensing labels
  • Thermal dispensing labels
  • Complex dispensing pharmacy labels
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Customized prescription labels
  • Prescription cap labels

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