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Cosmetics and Personal Care Label and Sticker Printing

Personal Care

Customers have a large number of alternatives to choose from while selecting products they can use to feel fresh, clean, and positive. With profuse competition in the market and a large number of products on shelves, it becomes very difficult for your product to make an impression. Mega Label assists you to develop and print the perfect label for your personal care products and attract your customers with spellbinding labels.   We offer high performing exceptional quality labels for a wide variety of personal care products. Our team is equipped with years of experience in finding the best sticker printing solution for your personal care products.

Mega Label provides a professional portfolio designed exclusively to meet the challenges of personal care labels. Our team of professionals will thoroughly study the essentials of your business to make sure that we print the label with accurate material, adhesive, and finishing. We offer a wide range of raw materials such as Transparent PP, Transparent PE, White PP, White PE, Fasclear, Specialty adhesives, Moisture resistant lamination,  etc to meet all requirements of personal care sticker labels.

Personal care labels are usually printed for complex containers that are unique in shape, inflexible, and squeezable. Therefore they should withstand harsh environmental circumstances such as moisture, heat, repetitive handling, and chemical exposure.  Mega Label offers a flexible range of sticker printing technologies like UV Flexo. Drust, HP Indigo, and advanced Letterpresses to provide effective printing solution and deluxe print quality.


The supreme cosmetic labels assist you to develop a graceful brand image that your customers will acknowledge and set your products apart from the competition in the cosmetic industry. To deliver such labels you need striking design, high-quality materials, ideal printing technology, and premium customization. However more prominently, you need a skilled and experienced team to find the best printing solutions for your cosmetic sticker printing needs.

Most of the cosmetic products are available in small packaging so they demand small labels. Mega Label is equipped with the latest technology to give your cosmetic products a non-label look. This enables you to incorporate your logo, product ingredient, and usage guidelines whilst still showcasing what inside your product container.

Mega Label offers all-embracing methods to achieve your dream label look:

Digital Labels are a cost-effective sticker printing solution for promotions and offer the optimal quality with ideal color consistency.

Flexographic Labels provide complete customization and are the inexpensive answer for large print runs.

Screen Printed labels that allow you to add texture to your label

Extended Content Labels are the perfect choice for smaller cosmetics and enable you to incorporate necessary information on your product.

Screen Printed Labels permit you to enhance the texture of your label.

Regardless of the design you choose for your cosmetic sticker labels, we will always utilize the suitable method and high-quality printing method to ensure a perfect look.

Mega Label can print a wide range of cosmetic labels including:

  • Makeup labels
  • Gel Labels
  • Cream Labels
  • Powder labels
  • Toothpaste labels
  • Perfume labels
  • Lipstick labels
  • Lip gloss labels
  • Lip balm labels
  • Eyeliner labels
  • Eye shadow labels

The team of professionals at Mega label offers pre-printing administrations to make sure that your design fulfills all the printing requirements. Mega Label is dedicated to serve you through every single step of the printing process and help you achieve an inimitable look for your label.  To discuss specific requirements of your cosmetic label product, contact Mega Label today.


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