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Security and Warranty Label and Sticker Printing

Mega Label provides peace of mind when product security is crucial. Our high-quality sticker labels are impossible to remove intact and can be used for a wide range of products. We fully understand the importance of being sure that your products are free form tampering and counterfeiting.  Minimize the threat of counterfeit, fraud, and theft by using high-quality durable labels and warranty stickers manufactured by Mega Label. Mega Label is well-equipped with the latest sticker printing technology which allows security printing with no barriers. Security features such as Variable Data Printing, Unique QR Code printing & Micro text printing can be printed by using our advanced HP Indigo Machine. Also, Mega Label has the capability to ensure the quality and value of the security label deliver to our client with satisfaction. Mega Label is proudly offering the following security labels:

Tamper-evident labels

Our high-quality tamper-evident security labels effectively detect and eradicate tampering.  These labels are manufactured by using advanced sticker printing techniques to deliver supreme authentication to your brand and product.  These labels are perfect for application on a wide range of products including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food items, etc.

Security Labels for electronics

These labels are used to protect the identification and durability of electronics like smartphones, laptops, TV, etc. We guarantee the uniqueness of our sticker labels. We also offer customized security labels for our valuable customers.

Hologram Security Labels

Mega Label is a reputed name in the manufacturing and supplying of high-quality hologram security labels to well established pharmaceutical, electronic, food, and packaging industries. Our holograms security labels are manufactured using genuine raw materials and the latest technology.

Warranty Stickers

Our warranty stickers provide the best and most effective tamper evident solution to safeguard your brand and product from all proven techniques of tampering.  We also offer customized warranty stickers as per your requirements.

At Mega Label, we fully comprehend how important it is for you to protect the reliability of your brand and product.  Having decades of knowledge and experience in security labeling we can offer the best security labels, warranty stickers, and void seals having multiple layers of security.  Whether you are looking for a simple sticker label or customized security label, we can print it for you. Contact us today to get a free quote.


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