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Being ISO 9001 certified, Mega Label is committed to deliver the best and finest quality food label, self-adhesive stickers, and other product stickers worldwide. We have employed the eco-friendly options for creating catchy labels which are biodegradable and reduce the negative impacts of raw materials and fuels on the environment in which you breathe.

Vinyl stickers are the most critical factor contributing to micro-plastic tragedy troubling our waterways. As among the concept holder for manufacturing eco-friendly product labels, Mega Label utilizes all the human resources as well as machine sources to meet the market demands and global labelling trends keeping in focus the motto to not compromise the quality of any form of life on Earth.

Being a leading hi-tech company for manufacturing catchy and demanding product labels, we step forward towards producing environment-friendly and biodegradable labels and stickers with high sustainability index. The sustainable labels, we make, are meeting the criterion for healthy environment adjusted by prestigious environmental protection agencies of the world.

We are manufacturing and exporting premium quality health care labels, personal care and cosmetic labels, electronics labels, self-adhesive stickers, silkscreen labels, hologram stickers, security and warranty labels, Bar-code label tags, and many more in highly affordable and low rates. We compromise on rates but not on quality.

We handled our labels and stickers with our top quality imported machines and processing tools. Our capacious hi-tech production unit is controlled by highly qualified and experienced staff to fulfill your demands. Our production demands are completely satisfied by UV enabled Flexo machine – a modern version of letterpress for full rotary printing. Gallus, intermittent, and letterpress machines are used for semi-rotary printing. For digital printing, we use Durst and HP indigo to give a high-quality end product from our printing company. Other than machines as mentioned above and equipment, we also use high-speed silk printing techniques, barcode printers, and efficient scanners. But all these machines are adapted and adjusted to perform their tasks after meeting our company’s environmental protection rules and national and international sustainable ecological laws.

Renewable Energy | Sustainability | Mega Label

We serve to the growing market demands and keep pace with the new global trends with our terms and conditions. Mega Label satisfied our clients from all aspects by contributing hard work for their business boom. But above all, being the pioneers to discard the technologies impacting negatively on our environment, we employed energy-efficient and renewable resources of energy production to fulfill our needs. We have completely replaced the pollution causing energy demand fulfilling fuels by adjusting the renewable and pollution-free energy-producing plants like solar sheets etc. to meet our energy needs.

By offering a vast range of product customization, high-quality products, on-time delivery, and delivering what our clients exactly need, we have earned a large clients base from all around in the world. With a team of qualified staff, we are striving to present what is your demand as the latest market edition, not a copied edition. We are struggling hard to maintain ours and our client’s mark in the global market with catchy and captivating product labels. We are also investing in our neoteric printing technologies to ensure label quality and customer satisfaction. Mega Label are among the market trendsetters, not the trend followers.

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