Maga Label is Malaysia’s top product labeling and sticker printing company that offers a wide variety of labeling and sticker printing services for various companies, brands and products. Below are the different types of sticker materials we use:

Mirror Coat Sticker

Mirror coat sticker material is one of the best sticker materials available in cast coated paper. Its name as mirror-coat is basically because of its mirror-like gloss on the surface.

The purpose of using this type of material is to generate high-gloss printings, and this is why most of the foods and consumer foods use it. As material belongs to high-quality printing, it reflects excellent printability, the eye-catching effect of high gloss.

Industrial Vinyl

Industrial vinyl is a reasonable and the best sticker material for outdoor labels. Most great quality modern industrial vinyl materials offer 9 to 11 years of resistance from UV radiation.

The material offers fantastic adaptability, which makes it ideal for application on sharply bent or curved surfaces, just as bolts. Vinyl marks are commonly utilized for pipeline labels, rental equipment, fleet decals, and cable tray labels.

Holographic (Hologram Stickers)

The hologram stickers are made using white ink, innovative 3ml thick metalized vinyl, and are paired to a permanent acrylic adhesive. These stickers present a wonderful digital look with a highly reflective metallization layer as they’re digitally printed and made from the best sticker materials. These stickers have their uses on cars and other vehicles.


The polyester material is most common in making the labels and stickers because of its availability in various shapes and types. Its metalized look offers a chrome finish mirror-like perfection and this thing makes this material most popular of all others. It reflects like stainless steel and so people get confused. You can use this material for indoor and outdoor applications.

Furthermore, for labeling control pipes and panels, it’s an ideal material. With its long-lasting adhesive, it’s weather resistant and has the ability to face the extreme weather conditions. It offers chrome or mirror-like finish.

Polypropylene Labels

Polypropylene labels are used in replacement of the vinyl labels as it provides excellent solvent resistance. Furthermore, when compared with polyester labels, it’s more affordable which offers better clarity. There are different types of these labels based on their coating, adhesive, and colors.

  1. Chrome (Silver) BOPP Labels material is oil and water-resistant that offers a mirror-like finish.
  2. Clear BOPP Labels material offers the same properties as chrome silver labels. You can use this material for window stickers.
  3. Removable White BOPP Labels which come with less adhesives and so they are easy to remove.
  4. White BOPP Labels are good for body and bath products and also equally useful in manufacturing the food and beverage products.

Satin Labels

For making the labels for products like spirit and wine bottles, satin acetate cloth labels are a perfect selection. This labelling adds a beautiful dimension to your product packaging by giving it an amazing appearance.

Fluorescent Paper Labels

Generally fluorescent and foil paper material for printing stickers and labels are accessible in colors like red, pink, orange, and green. Usually this type of sticker or label material is used in making the stickers, labels and symbols for alerting the people for sign boards or for directions. The labels of this sort are utilized for cautioning individuals. These are used in making mirrorcoat Stickers.

Foil Paper Labels

Foil paper labels are available in dull, bright, silver, or gold. These Labels are generally used as a holiday or food stickers.

The choice of the right labelling or printing material will entirely depend on your requirement, needs and affordability. However, it is important that you purchase the labels from a trusted label and sticker printing company like us. Request a quote from us now if you’re looking for a trusted partner for your sticker printing.